[ Coworking/event Space – Bergamo/ It ]

THE FACTORY CO.WO is a new concept of co-working/ exibithion space: the desire to break the mold, suggesting a new way to interface work and leisure, a fundamental combination of this era.

A lively and transversal headquarter where the present is a tangible opportunity for everyone, because only by constantly
shifting the angle is it possible to continue looking to the future, it has always been our way of seeing things.

Flexible interiors and modular furniture are the key in this multifunctional space.
The flexible “wire mesh” walls are designed to let light pass through the space but at the same time restore privacy and intimacy.

THE FACTORY CO.WO is flexibility and simplicity
in its pure state

Co-working /Private office / Meeting room/ Lounge area /Drink & food / Exhibition / Events. This concept meets the criteria of the European the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS 2025) to transform our world and bring back peace and prosperity by 2030