[ Vinyl Shop / live Stream – Amsterdam / Nl ]

SEAWOLF RECORDS is a new circular and exible concept of record store, 36m2 >> 36.000 Records: all on wheels to give the owners the freedom to move the shop ” outside of it ” to other markets or events, just by pushing the furniture.

The interior is subdiveded in two areas: the storage, private (online shop) and the shop itself, public.

The furniture in the storage are second-hand and the whole shop is DIY built by professional friends, united by the desire to support the club culture and the creatives of the sector.

SEAWOLF RECORDS is think outside the box, experience inside, move the box.

SEAWOLF RECORDS shop is cultural space shared by vinyl, sound, design and creative minds through ambitious sharing of local heroes and finest records” This concept meets the criteria of the European the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS 2025) to transform our world and bring back peace and prosperity by 2030.