[Darkness, Light, Sound, BPM]

By mixing and balancing rhythms and sound frequencies along with colors and light frequencies in space, we use technology
and creativity to trigger people and unleash emotions, disconnecting from the daily routine.
Immersed in a multisensory space, we live a unique experience, dopamine for the brain and therapy for the soul.
It is healing design.

By Stefano Bonassi



Curiosity for life in its forms and the desire to innovate and redevelop our planet on a social and environmental level are key elements and driving forces of our creative human collective.

We are friends, professionals and always ready to nd solutions: we love, research, live, play and spread architecture, colors, shades, modular and low impact design, healing sounds, intelligent thinking, spirituality and  connections with science. We specialize in the art of improvisation: recognize the problem, analyze it and and the appropriate solution.

“ From the spoon to the city ” E.N. Rogers.Together we develop innovative, unconventional and holistic concepts of all sizes, from product / interior to architecture and urban design, which in essence aim at the simplicity of form in its purity and functionality.
We are creative and rebellious talents, born and raised in Cividate al Piano, a small town in the province of Bergamo

We are creative and rebellious talents, born and raised in Cividate al Piano, a small village in Bergamo province.

We live between the light of design and the darkness of the street, experiencing emotions to recreate in our designs and daily routine.

We are citizens of a globalized world: we want to export values ​​and traditions with which we grew up in our village, in ours families, from our parents and grandparents, integrating them with the cultural background of our specialist studies.

we ‘becoming the spokesperson for an ancient but innovative way of thinking co-operating with people, sharing same dreams, building together a better future for everyone.
We are Creative Club.


[ From raving to humans movement ]


In this world we are quickly and deeply becoming dependent on a constant connection with information, entertainment and
education, all in one touch, all day, every day.

COVID-19 changed our life, our daily routine and our near future. Our freedom to move, socialize and experiment is limited and now faster then ever, everything is easy accessible on-line: we are connected everywhere, but disconnected from the real life experience.

Our mission is to revive human experience inspired by raving and club culture and the Eastern mysticism where darkness, light, sound and BPM are used to trigger us, people, on emotional journeys, disconnecting from the daily routine and reconnecting with our own wild but tamed creative soul.



[ Bug through time and space ]

We work with darkness, light and sound, as tools to get out of the limits of melody and enter the universe of harmonic space.

Our goal is to reconnect us, us human beings, to the surrounding environment, to nature, landscapes, animals and to the frequencies of the universe.

Our goal is to rave the world together in a human-environmental-spiritual design process, reconnecting our creative souls, one to the others in a co-creative vibe Between time and space, wild and tame, black and white, Cre-ative Club came to life on April 15, 2018 at 4:20 am with the willpower to evolve and expand beyond our reality, to reach universes never explored.