[D]arkness [L]ight [S]ound & [B]pm

are the ingredients of this design

journey in the madness of [C]reative[C]lub!

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“If you are going to try,
do it all the way.
Otherwise, never start”

Matteo Duci

Founder & Chief Executive

Startup/ business developer – Accademy professor

“In darkness and madness
i see art of human’s
body expression”

Stefano Bonassi

Founder & Creative Director

Architecture / Innovation / experience designer – Maker

‘’Run to the rescue
with love,
and peace will follow”

Alessandro Gatti

Art Director

Brand designer – Social media strategist


“I look for uniqueness, 
and differences. Elements
that trigger a reaction”

Oliviero Godi

General Manager

Architect – Designer – Photographer – Prof. of Architecture

“There’s nothing
more powerful than
an incredible story”

Camillo Frigeni

Education Director

Graphic Art & Designer – Maker – Accademy Professor


“An injury
is not a drama,
but an opportunity.”

Yamuna Maccarana

Data Specialist

AI- Financial Analyst – Research

Yamuna Maccanara


The best way to find us is in the darkness.
When the sun goes down our creative soul will be more powerful to engage with your request.
Send us an e-mail and let's start a new outofbox design challange: we are here for you.