This project started as a co-operation between: Camillo Frigeni (designer and lecturer at Scuola Mohole, coming from a family of typographers) and his students of the “meta-project” course of the Scuola Mohole; Matteo Duci, CEO at SIPH·LAB [the new communication technology company]; Stefano Bonassi, innovative designer at D/DOCK [the Amsterdam based design studio] and Matteo Bergamo, construction engineer at BIODOMUS [the construction company].


Matteo Bergamo · Construction Engineer

Matteo Bergamo is a construction engineer who graduated at Politecnico in Milan. He works in Lombardy, specifically in the provinces of Varese, Milan and Bergamo; Project Manager at BIODOMUS s.r.l., a service company operating in the construction field.

Stefano “Bruce” Bonassi · Art Director

"Bruce" is a young architect, qualified in innovation and sustainability. In 2006 he graduated at Politecnico in Milan. After undergraduates studies in Architecture and a BA in the same field, he got a Master degree in Architecture with a thesis on sustainable high rise, mixed use buildings in Tel Aviv.

Matteo Duci · Selector

CEO @ SIPH•LAB, co-founder & product manager @ UGO. He lets his actions speak for himself. “I don't fix problems, I turn them into opportunities”.

Camillo Frigeni · Scientific Director

Raised by typographers. Founder at Printi, Italian Designer focusing on concept generation and creative direction. He is interested to explore different fields – from craft to industry.


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