17th—22th April 2017 · Milan, Design Week


Mohole Exposition
Creativity and student's projects play an important role in MOHOLE CREATIVE CLUB. In this multi-sensorial experiment, the goal is to turn a students’ exposition into a 360-degree experience involving all the senses of the the visitors and trying to stimulate their inner emotions.

• It is a space in which design, graphics, photography, visual art, 3D, art performance and sound are merged together.
• The instrument is the product of ingenuity, the encounter with an external world, which is not “wild” but “tamed” at the human scale and sized to its needs.
• Free yourself from the limits of the melody and enter the world of harmony.
• This experimentation that involves wild, tamed, melody and harmony leads to the MOHOLE CREATIVE CLUB

– Filmmaking
This is the perfect course for all the cinema lovers. Here, it is possible to learn how to make videos, movies, documentaries. The course also includes classes about screenplay and reportage. The Filmmaking students have contributed to the realization of the videos of the events shot during the FuoriMohole.

– Storytelling
This course represents a great opportunity for those who love writing. It includes different classes useful to understand novels, poetry, screenplays and to learn how to sketch them out. Storytelling is the beating heart of the FuoriMohole, and the students of this class have followed the most interesting events during the Design Week, describing them with their amazing words.

– Photography
This is the perfect course to develop your ability with the camera. It provides fashion, street, interior and advertising photography lessons. The Photography students covered the FuoriSalone events. Pictures are available on the FuoriMohole blog.

– Acting
This course helps you to develop all the required abilities to become a perfect actor, including dancing, singing and playing instruments. The actors’ class has performed during FuoriMohole, winning over the attention of the audience.

– 3D animation
3D modeling, rendering and animation are the heart of this course. The renders of its students were shown inside the Scuola Mohole during the Design Week.

– Graphic Design
It is the right choice to learn how to use Photoshop, Adobe, Indesign, Lightroom and other programs at best. Where graphic meets technology, web design and app prototyping. The Graphic Design students displayed books containing their works during the FuoriSalone

– Web and Apps
This is a great course, able to teach you how to create and design apps and websites. The role of this class during the Design Week was to create the blog of the FuoriMohole.

– Comics and Character Design
It is the perfect course to try all the different comics styles and to improve your technique related to them. The Comics Design students have shown all their works in the Vigneron room, inside the Scuola Mohole, during the FuoriSalone.

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