17th—22th April 2018 · Milan, Design Week

Wear your choice

Chiara Bagnardi, Paola Berardi, Luisa Nicolino, Massimo Pacher, Christian Nadile


ANDREA is male. Is female. Is a jellyfish. Is yellow. Is red. Is green. Is blue. It moves. It shifts.

In the chaotic world with which we have to interact nowadays, people entered even more in the view of time and resources' optimization. Therefore, the idea of saving time and money brings the user to stay in his own house's comfort, comparing hundreds of brands, clothes and prices directly on his own smartphone's screen.

Grows for that reason the necessity of a link between the user and the operator, something that can be defined as an hybrid-combination of new technologies and forgotten instore buying's satisfactions. There is a significant number of users ready to rediscover the latter sensation, as long as attracted instore with a well planned strategy.

Change your shopping experience. Through the app you reserve clothes you're interested in, shop instore and get discounts for your next purchases.

☺︎ 2018 Creative Club